Love and Resilience: A Heartfelt Journey at St. Mary's Hospital

February 14th is Valentine's Day, a cherished day of love and a time to reflect on heartwarming love stories of all kinds, including those that unfold within the halls of St. Mary's General Hospital.
Donna Strauss, a dedicated employee of St. Mary’s for an impressive three decades, shares her heartfelt tale of love and loss, resilience, and newfound love blossoming amidst life's twists and turns.
Donna Strauss with Dr. Rafat and Dr. Hanna
Donna's journey at St. Mary’s began in the supportive care unit and concluded in the outpatient clinic area, where she witnessed the daily miracles and challenges of healthcare. However, amidst her professional responsibilities, Donna faced personal hardships, notably the loss of her husband to a rare disease in 2004.
Yet, during this dark period, Donna experienced the true spirit of St. Mary’s—a supportive community of staff members and physicians who rallied around her, providing solace and strength during her time of need.

Despite the shadows of grief, Donna's story took an unexpected turn several years later.

Donna Strauss and husband, Tony - SMGH
While taking a break at St. Mary's Tim Hortons, Donna crossed paths with someone who had just embarked on his career journey at the hospital. Little did she know then, but she had just met the man she would marry.
Their chance encounter blossomed into a beautiful love story that reaffirmed Donna's connection to the hospital and its profound impact on her life's journey.
Donna Strauss behind a "Happy Retirement" banner, celebrating with outstretched arms high above her head.

As Donna reflects on her time at St. Mary’s, she acknowledges the challenges she faced alongside moments of joy and cherished memories.

Her story serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love to transcend even the darkest times.
Donna Strauss at SMGH with retirement letter in hand.
St. Mary's General Hospital - 100 Years

What's your St. Mary's General Hospital story?

Our hospital is more than a place — it's a tapestry of stories, resilience, and compassion. Have you experienced a moment at St. Mary's General Hospital that touched your life?
Join us in celebrating a century of compassionate care! As our hospital marks its 100th year, we're inviting you to share your story as a part of our rich history.
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