Celebrating a Century of Care

It’s the little things that make a difference. A smile of assurance. A comforting hand on the shoulder. An attentive ear.
These acts of kindness are part of the life-saving care at St. Mary’s General Hospital every day.
Today, we’re known for our expertise in cardiac, ophthalmology, diagnostics, respiratory, thoracic and more. But our story began much earlier.
Join us to mark our 100th anniversary in October 2024.
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Community generosity: the roots of investing in St. Mary's

St. Mary's General Hospital construction.
When St. Mary’s was being built in 1923, the hospital’s advisory board established a subscription committee, tasked with gathering community donations for the project’s building fund.
A century later, donor investment continues to play a pivotal role in local healthcare, funding 100 per cent of the cost of new and replacement hospital equipment.
St. Mary's General Hospital construction.
St. Mary's General Hospital 100th Anniversary Gala

St. Mary's 100th Anniversary Gala

St. Mary's General Hospital 100th Anniversary Gala
Dust off your finest flapper dresses and tailored suits and get ready to be transported back to 1924, when St. Mary’s first opened its doors.
Each ticket purchased contributes to the legacy of compassionate healing that has defined St. Mary’s for a century – and ensures exemplary care is here for our community well into the future.

What's your St. Mary's General Hospital story?

What's your SMGH story?
Our hospital is more than a place — it's a tapestry of stories, resilience, and compassion. Have you experienced a moment at St. Mary's General Hospital that touched your life?
Join us in celebrating a century of compassionate care! As our hospital marks its 100th year, we're inviting you to share your story as a part of our rich history.
What's your SMGH story?

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History of St. Mary's General Hospital in photos.